Oakville Hospital Foundation

The Ashley Group of Companies and Emporium Condominiums is proud to present their new partnership with the Oakville Hospital Foundation. The Ashley Group of Companies has a wonderful history with the city of Oakville, specifically Joshua Creek West Village.

We would like to give back to the great city of Oakville and with help of the Oakville Hospital Foundation we have developed an incentive program for, hospital health care employees, administrators, associated consultants, ambulance workers and any other medical related industry members within the Region of Halton.

Incentive Program

Foundation Incentive

An amount of $2000.oo will be paid by Ashley Oaks Emporium Inc. as a donation to the Oakville Hospital Foundation for each "completed" sale of an Emporium Condominium residence to any member of the above named health care group.

Employee Incentive

An amount of 2% (two percent) of the published list price (exclusive of additions for extras to base price) will be deducted from the published list price or final buying price, in favor of any buyer who is a member of the above named health care group.

*In addition to $5000 towards upgrades and 1 (one) year free maintenance on units over $400,000

For more details on the condominium development we will be hosting on site information sessions. Sessions will include and opportunity to get information about the project, view model suites and tour all the amenities the project has to offer. Private information sessions also available.

f you are interested in participating in this program please click on the link below to register.

Kind Regards,

The Ashley Group Team